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PAPER LANTERNS [2] ~ Hummingbird

PAPER LANTERNS [2] ~ Hummingbird

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Our paper lanterns are the perfect addition to a table setting, or for the mantel and are packaged in sets of 2. Supplied flat, which makes them the perfect gift for overseas travellers. Printed on a waxy type transluscent paper stock, they last for ages (they are not a use-once-and-discard product).

They are available in 2 sizes - large (height 210mm) or small (height 105mm). 

Intended for use with LED tea lights or fairy lights, you can also use a regular tealight (see instructions below).


Peel off the strip from the double sided tape and stick the two sides together using the printed guideline.

This is a paper lantern. Paper is flammable.It is designed for use with LED battery operated lights. If using a tealight, please place the tealight into a glass votive inside the lantern. Do not cover. Never leave candles unattended as they are a fire risk. Recommended for indoor use only.

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